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Place your businesses to drivers with the world's largest community-based navigation app.

Why your business needs Waze marketing?

1. Wide Market Coverage

If you buy a branded pin that represent your business on Waze map, it reaches a community of 1.5 million people in Malaysia.

2. Be Found When Drivers Are Nearby

Waze advertising allows you to target your audience who might not live or work nearby, but happens to be driving nearby. It works just like a mobile billboard. This is perfect for food joint, hotel/motel or auto services to promote their business based on their and their potentials’ locations.

3. Appear Prominently In Waze Search Results

When you publish ad with Waze, Waze users can choose to respond on the ad or save the promotion ads to see it later when they have reached their destination. In other days when they want to search for your business or your competitor’s on Waze – or when any relevant keywords are typed in the search box – your business will appear prominently on the search results where it is easy to get noticed.

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