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Why SEM is important?

1. Make Yourself Available When They Are Searching For You.

On search engines, people are doing research or doing online purchase. And having your PPC ad there ensures you are there when they are online and doing searches.

2. Complement Your SEO or Offline Marketing Efforts.

PPC can be easily visible if your SEO results are not in-placed based on the first few pages of search engine result page (SERP). Make yourself available when audience is searching for you over online platforms.

3. Customized The Messaging To The Audience.

With the ability of Call-To-Action (CTA), it brings much value to your ads. What do you want them to take action upon responding to your ads? Purchase now? Inquire for more info? These are one of the few tactics that make your Search Ads much more meaningful.

4. Broader or Targeted Reach.

As simple as it is, it works based on the keywords. To make targeted to few, we can even scope into selected geo-specific area.

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